Custom audience Social media Ads

Utilizing Facebook and Instagram advertising, we create high quality campaigns and target the audience that best fits the description of your potential clients.

Take control of who sees your advertising. Target a local and highly customized audience with interests relevant to your market.

Grow your business by having access to 20,000 quality monthly ad viewers.

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Web design + Daily upkeep


Don't have a site? no problem! We Create an interactive site which is customer friendly and easy to navigate through. Have the creative control over your site without worrying about the technical side. With our daily upkeep we make sure that your site is up and running at all times as well as being mobile optimized.

Your website will be designed with the goal of turning visitors in to clients.

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Hyper growth

Place your business at the forefront of digital advertising with technologies designed specifically to optimize your social media campaigns. Utilizing all our available services, including installing tracking code technology in the framework of your website, you are able to gain access to which individuals are interacting with your advertisement and retarget those individuals with custom campaigns.

+Social media ads package


+Web design and upkeep


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The age of targeted social media advertising.

Our efforts at Scope Media are based on our central goal, making your ad spending count. Thats why our heading statement is "show your ads to an audience that matters" But what is the right audience? and what makes it relevant or "matter"? In contrast to traditional means of marketing, we now have the ability to pick and choose who views which ads more than ever. The reason why this method of marketing has now become the new frontier of marketing is because of the fact that the potential clients are on social media, The key is finding them.

This is why our focus revolves around targeting. Social media platforms provide us with valuable data on users that we utilize to their maximum potential when targeting campaigns. This gives us the ability to optimize the targeting based on the trends of your potential client.



What we offer

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